WordPress Dev & Integration

Get organized, relaxed and happy with WordPress!

WordPress is regarded as the most powerful open source Content Management System of our times. Originally introduced in the year 2003 as a blogging software. WordPress, over the years, has now become a choice for almost anything on the web. From an online portfolio of your company or business to your own e-commerce web-store, anything can be powered by WordPress due to the following reasons:

Benefits of using WordPress!

Ease of Use

With an intuitive interface, adding new and editing existing content is literally very easy.

Less Code Environment

With various free and paid drag-n-drop builders, you need to interact with the code the least.

1000s of Plugins

With thousands of free and paid plugins available, extend the functionality of your site like a pro.

Countless themes!

With an infinite number of 3rd party themes available online, you can change appearance of your website with a single click.

Understandable Functionality

WordPress is easy to understand. You can know exactly what’s going on your website while keeping the manageability intact.

Decent Quality

WordPress sites are of very decent quality. We are best at enhancing your WordPress site to take it to another level though!


The admin panel in WordPress enables you to securely access your preferences and content.

SEO Friendly

Search engines love indexing a WordPress site due to its clean and simple backend.

User Management

You can easily assign levels of access to your staff to enable them to do something very specific only, while keeping the hard work for Admins, like us! 🙂

Conclusion – Hire TechnoVaders!

While WordPress comes with its own perks, we can conclude that WordPress is relatively easy. To get the best out of WordPress for you and your business, we are here to help you at very affordable cost. Request a free quote now, sit back and relax!